Kitchen-garden taking shape


The apple crates are looking amazing, all finished full of seedlings ready to grow all that amazing fresh veg & edible flowers!To get it to this stage there has been lots of people who are working hard apart from us! Here is Jasmine she is the newest recruit at 100 mile foodie, there’s no flys on her today she barrowed heaps of this scoria around the back to finish off the around the apple crates, it’s almost finished, one more day I’m guessing!


So here’s what all that scoria looks like down, a whole new productive area, I love it! Of course Lily our Golden Retriever had to get in on the act too not that she did much just hang around and wait until she got a belly rub actually. As you can see the wicking beds are all done complete with pipes sticking out which is where we water every couple of weeks, very efficient.


Our clever Kate made these white butterflies out of ice-cream container lids and Ted the electricians electrical wire to scare away the white moths that will eat our new seedlings, aren’t they gorgeous?


Another apple crate , this one is going to be very colourful, have to wait and see what’s in it when it starts to flower 🙂

So much is happening each day in the 100 mile foodie kitchen-garden check back often to see the progress, it’s going to be fantastic

Marlene X

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